Despite being one of Western Sydney University's smallest campuses, Student Representation at Bankstown comes steeped in history. The campus' primary thoroughfare, Building 1, was occupied by student activists for a fortnight in 1999 in an act of protest against university cuts. After 2 weeks of student control, University management negotiated a peace and students emerged from Building 1 victorious.

The commitment to standing up for students is alive and well at Bankstown. Come and visit the SCC in 1.1.210 to have a chat about our campaigns and what we're doing to protect students and build campus life.

Office Location

Western Sydney University,


(Chair, General Rep, SRC Rep)
Vicky-Rae Renier Clark (Vice Chair, General Rep)
Rebecca Hill (General Member, SRC Rep)
Alexander Norman-Moon (General Member, SRC Rep)
Phillip Craig (Clubs Rep) |
Christos Binos (General Member)
Ellie Hamley (Postgraduate Rep)
Emily Stuart (General Rep)
Harsha Kulasekara (Clubs Rep)
VACANT (Residential Rep)
Cathy Yao (International Rep)