The Student Representative Council (SRC) is made up of 3 members of each Student Campus Council (SCC).

Your 2018 SRC is:

Cheryl _Pres_cricle.png


Cheryl Jendrachowski (President) Campbelltown Rep


Vice President

Naomi Hasting (Vice President) - Parramatta Rep


- Bankstown Rep
Vicky-Rae Renier-Clark - Bankstown Rep
Mathew Bojanic - Campbelltown Rep
Jordan Idiare - Campbelltown Rep
Liahni Britton - Hawkesbury Rep
Natalie Hoskins - Hawkesbury Rep
Caitlin Lyons - HAWKESBURY REP
Rassol Haideri - Parramatta Rep
Olivia Zhang - Parramatta Rep
Mandii Carr - Penrith Rep
Rachel Hardie - Penrith Rep
- Penrith Rep

For a list of members on each Student Campus Council, click 'Campus Councils' above.