The SRC facilitates a Postgraduate Representative Forum (PRF) which is chaired by an appointed Postgraduate member of the SRC and meets at least quarterly.

The PRF is open for all postgraduate members of SCCs, postgraduate student academic representatives on WSU bodies, as well as all voting and non-voting members of the SRC. These members have both speaking and voting rights.

Additionally, any WSU postgraduate student may attend a PRF, however, speaking rights will be at the discretion of the Chair.


  •  provide a mechanism for information flow between postgraduate students, members of the SRC and SCCs around issues affecting postgraduate students
  •  provide a forum for the establishment of a broad annual strategy for campaigns focused on postgraduate students which can be shared by the SRC and SCCs; and
  • provide designated times where postgraduate student representatives can meet with key WSU staff who work in areas relevant to postgraduate students such as the Chair, Academic Senate and the PVC Research
  • provide an effective conduit for information exchange between the SRC and any state or national postgraduate student bodies with whom affiliation is sought.


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