The SRC and SCCs are consistently involved in hosting events on campus - from massive outdoor carnivals, to low key food handouts. Student Reps also pop-up at O-Week, Student Services Fair and other campus gatherings and are always willing to chat about how they can best serve you. Keep updated on events via each SCC's Facebook page and Orgsync page.


2018's first event!

March 7 @ The Collector Hotel from 6pm
Find the Facebook Event HERE.

Western SRC and SCC 2017 Recap


Who Bleeds Wins - August 2017 | Penrith SCC

PeSCC are hosting a blood drive and to keep things interesting we are turning it into a competition. We are having two comps: One will be the school you reside in, aka 'education' or 'music' etc. and the other will be between various clubs.

At the end of the week we will have two trophies for the school to display and one for the clubs to display. So, who bleeds wins!


Spring Fair: August 8 - August 17 2017

Spring Fair is the revamped orientation event for Semester 2 at Western Sydney University. For the first time, this new event will combine Clubs Week, Fair Day, and the Student Services Fairs into one big event for the whole University community to enjoy and participate in. Each Student Campus Council will be holding a stall at every campus.


July 26 Kingswood Campus
11am - 2pm
Brought to you by Badanami, Penrith SCC, SRC


Wear It Purple - August 25 2017 | All Campuses

Wear it Purple has a simple message:
“You have the right to be proud of who you are.”
Who you love and how you define yourself does not change that.
Wear it Purple is a student run, not-for-profit organisation that exists to support young people who identify as sexuality and/or gender diverse (i.e. rainbow).
Wear it Purple seeks to raise awareness about the issues faced by these young people and the need to eradicate bullying based on sexuality and gender diversity. We aim to help create a world that is safe for all young people, within which they are free to learn, grow and belong. Wear it Purple believes that everyone has the right to be proud of who they are, and we aim to empower these young people to be able to.




FREE SOUP - Spring Semester | Campbelltown SCC

In collaboration with the Chaplaincy, Campbelltown SCC will once again be bringing FREE delicious soup to all campuses next semester.

Stay tuned for more details.

Hoedown! - September 2017 | Penrith SCC